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Regal, Brian (United States)
Rizzo, Mary (United States)
Robb, George (United States)
Rotunda, Michele (United States)
Rumney, Thomas A. (United States)


Salmore, Barbara (United States)
Santucci, Steve (United States)
Santucci, et al, Steve (United States)
Saretzky, Gary D. (United States)
Saretzky, Gary (United States)
Schnitzspahn, Karen (United States)
Schulte, Robert (United States)
Schurter, Mary (United States)
Sellers, Jason R. (United States)
Sheppard, Si, Long Island University (United States)
Sheridan, Janet (United States)
Siegel, Peter E. (United States)
Singer, Katie (United States)
Soderlund and Claude Epstein, Jean R. (United States)
Spaulding, Rebekah (United States)
Stefanelli, Joseph (United States)
Swindall, Lindsay R. (United States)


Timpanaro, Michael (United States)
Timpanaro and Victor Pidermann, Michael, Monmouth University (United States)
Torres, Nicole (United States)

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