Examining Opioid Overdose Data in Atlantic County: A Descriptive Case Study

Tara Crowell, et al


Between 2015-2017, local police, state troopers and emergency medical personnel in Atlantic County, NJ collected data on opioid overdose victims within the County. Forms on 311 overdose victims were ultimately completed. Early in 2018, a partnership between the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office and Stockton University was formed in order to analyze this information and better understand Atlantic County’s opioid overdose statistics. Results painted a picture of who is using, and showed that quick response to opioid overdoses and prompt administration of the drug naloxone can save lives. Recommendations for the future include collecting additional data points for overdose victims going forward to allow for deeper study, along with increased distribution of naloxone. Such recommendations can positively contribute to future educational and prevention efforts.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14713/njs.v5i2.170


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