The Geographical Study of New Jersey: A Scholarly Bibliography


  • Thomas A. Rumney



This scholarly bibliography is a compendium of the existing geographical studies of the state of New Jersey. It includes seven sections: general works (atlases, books, monographs, articles, dissertations, and theses), cultural and social geography, economic geography, historical geography, physical and environmental geography, political geography, and urban geography. The search for these entries started with an examination of the contents of the available scholarly journals that publish works on geography. Then, lists of references were examined to search for other journals that these authors published works in. Also found were the main atlases, books, texts, and monographs related to some aspect of New Jersey’s geographical studies. These authors were also located as to their work places, and if available their vitae were searched. Additionally, WorldCat was searched for New Jersey geography topics. Each section is organized in a simple alphabetical sequence, by author’s last name. Where there is more than one entry per author, the earliest is listed first, and subsequent entries listed chronologically after the first. In the case of single versus multiple authors, the entries with single authors are recorded first, and multiple entries after these. The dates of entries reach back into the nineteenth century, and continue to the present. Most entries are written in English, but works written in other languages were recorded as found.






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